ISSUE 1 - PROMO - SITE - SOCIALI am happy to announce the first issue of my music industry magazine.

The 70+ page magazine includes a variety of special features on festivals, our first music industry campaign (#safety4womenatgigs), new music, interviews and much more…

I really want to thank everyone that has contributed to the first issue of this magazine.

Music Geeks Magazine is now available via ISSUU for the first couple of weeks. However, the print edition will be available at the end of the month to purchase via and It would be great to know what you think of the first issue, using the hashtag #MGeeksUK.



Our cover star feature with Scottish singer-songwriter Kat Healy.



To read the magazine in full, please visit Music Geeks – Pilot Issue – Sept

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Music Geeks are looking for contributors for it’s pilot issue!

We would love to hear from contributors that specialise in features and interviews. Also, we are looking for illustrators and graphic designers (of any style) to produce artwork to accompany our contributor’s editorial. All contributors will be credited for their work in the magazine.

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Finally launched my music company

final-logo-iteration-0631st April, not only marked the end of a month but a beginning for Music Geeks. A music company that took over 3+ years to develop and come to life. What started off as random scribbles on paper, the back of receipts and napkins (pretty much anything I could write on, once an idea came into my head) finally came to fruition.

It is definitely a leap of faith which has got me here. Thanks to a senior lecturer of my MA course, he inspired the name behind a company which will showcase to the world and music lovers alike, an all-access pass to one of the world’s most exciting industry.

I’ve always wanted to run my own music publication, but my passion for music ran a little bit deeper. At a time where print journalism is in decline, and music publications are slowly evaporating from our newsstands and independent titles are on the rise, I wanted to offer much more than just a magazine. I wanted to create a brand recognised for its knowledge and expertise of the music industry, that supports the incredible talent that contributes to its industry, whilst connecting a community of music lovers watching it all unfold.

Music Geeks is a self-publisher; first. Expect to see our quarterly music industry magazine (subject to change), to be launched this summer. Our pilot issue will be incredible, featuring inspiring stories, careers and people. It will also include features with breakthrough artists, and openly critique the industry’s topical issues, offer careers advice and a lot more. If you would like to contribute to the magazine or be a part of the Music Geeks team in any other way, please get in touch via  Secondly, we will be publishing books, games and merchandise in the future – entirely based on music. Visit the site for a snapshot of our merchandise, that we intend to sell.

With that being said, my first initial business idea was a curated content service for music lovers by the name of MusicUncut. At the time of finalising a business plan to perfection, I realised the skills and expertise would eventually overwhelm and then consume me. Investment and tech expertise seemed far out of reach. Not to mention a potential lawsuit if I went ahead, as there is already a music publication by the name of Uncut. So it was back to the drawing board – back to my initial idea and create a music publication.

So why did it take so long? Well, I am a perfectionist. An overthinker. What if? How about? Why not? Maybe? all questions that became stumbling blocks and personal hurdles. This wouldn’t be the first time I was to launch a publication, as I had previously worked for a company (which will remain nameless) as Editor-in-Chief for over a year and pitched the idea for a magazine to the CEO, which would later go up in flames and end in a mutual split based on ‘creative differences’.

But everything happens for a reason. Took a while, but I’m finally here. I will now be owner and Editor-in-Chief of my own company. I am excited to see where Music Geeks will take me, but more excited to see a community of Music Geeks come together, purely obsessed with sound.

Let me know your thoughts on the logo!

P.S Big Shout to Wolfden Creative for the amazing branding.


Nicole Alii

Twitter: @MusicGeeksUK

Facebook: MusicGeeksUK


Society’s best interest for a woman is still to be a wife and mother

At a time of my life where I am the happiest, there is an element of misery. For a long time, I have suppressed my view of how I feel towards others when it comes to relationships, marriages, and kids.

With that being said, a part of me is clouded by misery. As I’m getting older, the question of being in a relationship, marriage, and, or having kids is often brought to my attention. It is one of the few topics I dread discussing with someone new. I often hope the ground falls through and pulls me in, just to avoid this awkward conversation. Questions like ‘…so you sure you don’t want kids?“, “why not?” or the one that really grinds my gears “…that feeling will change, you would want them later on when you meet the right person”. As I write this, I have just ended a 2-hour conversation with a colleague when this topic came up. Let’s say it got heated. Trying hard not to let them hear me sob down the phone, I (for the thousandth time) justified why I don’t want kids and have no intentions of being in a relationship or getting married. But there was one thing I intentionally failed to admit. Even if I did want all these things I couldn’t because I was broken. A reason which I feel fully justifies why I don’t want kids. Participate in relationships or entertain the idea of marriage.09320107-70c3-4287-aca9-998b2ec8233b

I probably make up a small percentage of woman who has commitment issues. Not to mention one with daddy issues. I had to grow up pretty quickly and don’t remember much of being a ‘child’. I had to take on responsibility pretty early, which included raising my two younger siblings – at times as my own. I’ve had to witness a loveless union between my parents who remained married, just for the sake of the kids and societal expectations. To an extent my past does have something to do with the decision, that I have made since the age of 14.

People misconstrued women that don’t want kids as being selfish, stubborn or even assume they dislike or hate kids. But for me, I adore kids. I think they are one of the life’s beautiful blessings. Nothing purer than a child’ smile and laughter. But it’s safe to say, I do not want my own. Being a mother wouldn’t bring me any fulfillment because I am not maternal. Does that make me an awful person? For some, that’s a hard fact for them to get their heads around.

Society has a way of drumming up an idea of how your life should be as a woman. Anything less than a partner and kids, well you might as well take yourself to the nearest bridge because you will be demonized for it. Men especially in the black culture, instantly turn into Dr. Phil and feel the need to diagnose and promote biblical texts, as to why women should not be single, should want kids and marriage. These conversations are not only patronizing but make me question my sole purpose as a woman – do I have a say in all of this?

Me not wanting kids, does not that make me any less of a woman? Kids are for a lifetime, and not just for Christmas. They are life-long commitments even after they leave school. Often enough in this generation, women are left to raise these kids on their own. This is a risk that I am not prepared to take. I have chosen a career over children. I honestly feel that it would be hard to have both a family and career. Not that it’s not achievable. But one of them has got to give or is compromised in some way. If I were to be a mother, my children would come first and I know instantly my career would suffer or not exist at all. Because of my upbringing, I would be very hands on and strive to be the ‘best mum in the world’ which in itself would become my job. This kind of commitment freaks me out. You lose yourself, in giving life to someone else which is an element as to why I don’t want kids or even a relationship.

I do not think it’s fair that women who choose to not have kids are demonized. Women who choose careers over relationships shouldn’t be retreated back to the kitchen and told what they dream of is nonsense. Feminists not only thought for equality but the opportunity for women to hone and take control of their lives. Why is it that in 2016, society’s best interest for a woman is still to be a wife and mother? What happens to the small margin of women who opt for careers and to be successful? “..They eventually reach a peak in their life. Careers can only take a woman so far. You will eventually want a relationship or even regret not having kids for a sake of being successful. You do not want to end up with a career and being alone“, my colleague said before they wished me goodnight and hung up.